Healthcare Provider

We will get you in to see a health care provider in your area usually on the same day.


Patient Advocates

These advocates help guide you through the difficult processes of getting healthcare.


Getting the Help you need

Injury Help Hotline helps people who have been injured, get the best help possible. We will guide and support you through the these difficult times and educate you on how to choose the best legal aide for your particular needs. A group of attorneys and doctors realized that clients were not getting the help they need when it comes to the clients health and well being. So they started a group of attorneys, doctors and patient advocates to form a network so the clients can get better care, better served and the help they need to get through a difficult process. The three entities combined (Doctor-Attorney-Patient Advocate) better serves the client and the community.

Giving you a choice of professionals to choose from.

We help by:

  • Giving you a choice at finding the right attorney and doctor for you.
  • Knowing how to help with our experienced staff.
  • Utilizing our Attorney Directory Service.
  • Getting the help with no cost to you.
  • Our goal is getting you healthy and back to a normal life.